Blancas Vitiligo Story

I am 31 years old and was diagnosed with vitiligo when I was 8. My Parents did the lamp treatment and prayed with our entire church constantly. I believe their efforts prevented further pigment loss.

My Vitiligo is on the front of my legs, ankles, around each eye and other random places. I have a light complexion but tan in the summer. I had self-esteem issues as a child and it became worse as a teenager. My cousins and their friends used to call me Dalmatian Girl. I Dropped out of school, turned to drugs, sex and had thoughts of suicide. At age 14 I had my first child and at age 17 I had my second child. I was in an abusive relationship cause I thought no one else would want me.

Then I grew up. Left the relationship, got my GED, a job, and my license to sell insurance. I am happily married with 4 children and attend a Christian Church. I get embarrassed when strangers stare at me at the beach or pools. I don’t love my blemishes and never wear shorts or dresses. I had 3 permanent makeup procedures on my legs. I had it done in the summer and my skin was much darker than normal. That was so painful and I still don’t match.
Tried to have it removed but it was too painful and couldn’t continue the procedures. I do the spray tan and instant tan lotions in the summer. I haven’t found a dermatologist I like in my area.
I really hope a cure breaks thru. I have learned that this is genetic and I am scared to death my children will suffer the same disease. There is no one that I know of in my family that has vitiligo.

Thank you so much for allowing us to come together and share our stories. I have learned so much about the disease thru your testimonies. I’m willing to try anything affordable!
Besides all my flaws, I thank God I have a life to live!

Thank you!!

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