Keshav’s Vitiligo Story

i am very glad to write down few words for you on this page and believe me i am very much thankful from my heart as you cared and started such great idea to bring people together in society those who suffer from vitiligo as we were being really kind of insecure,inferior even after we have lost of talent but this vitiligo pulls us back from stage it brings us inferior complex to start up conversation with someone.and

i would like ot bring it to your notice that i am KESHAV SHARMA  24 YRS FROM INDIA i used to be a very happy and extrovert kind of person i always enjoyed each and every moment of my life but something brought a sudden drastic change in my life .
as i was in my 9th standard i think i was 18 yrs old at that class i see  a patch being developed in my skin on leg and i hardly cared about it because i was a hostel student i was away from home in a boarding school and i did not tell anyone about it .

and when i turned into 10th standard these patches started increasing in high speed and then i informed my parents   and then we had consulted the best doctors in india but i did not find any good results its been now 6 years since i am suffering from this vitiligo and i would like to explain it to you properly  and this has now brought drastic and total change in my life.thanks

i am very thankful to you for all my life as you started this network.thank you dear.

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