Taro’s Vitiligo Story

I first noticed a white spot under my chin about a year and a half to two years ago. I am 21. It spread quickly, and now I have white patches on my chin, neck, and face. I have to look at it every single day on my face. At first I didn’t pay much attention, but for the last year, it is impossible to ignore. I feel frustrated, always hearing that there is “no cure at this time”.

There is no way to get used to it. Every day I look in the mirror, and I am either angry, depressed, or disgusted.
I have tried herbal treatments, an oil ointment, and I have been seeing a “natural medicine doctor” who is doing a NMT neuro-modulation technique. After six months, no success.

I read Lee Thomas’ story, the ABC reporter who has vitiligo, and many people who shared their experience with it. It is motivating to see someone dealing positively with the disease, but it didn’t change how I feel about having it.
There needs to be more awareness of this disease, and a cure. Doctors, researchers, scientists, please. Get on it. For God’s Sake.

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