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Here are a few excerpts from recent comments posted on the Vitiligo Friends site, Skype,
our Facebook page, and emails that I have received from customers.
I’ve included links to the original comments if you’d like to check them out 🙂

Hello. This is Denise checking in with you to see if you’ve received my money order for another order of your Vitiligo Cover Lotion please? And I would like to say that I absolutely love using your product and I love the way it smells too. Thanks.


“I will never go another summer without Vitiligo Cover! Can’t say enough good things about it. Thank you, thank you. I have courage to go outside in public.”


From: Gale Z.
I wanted to thank you for creating your Vitiligo Cover lotion. It works better than anything else that I have tried, including the very expensive Microskin, which is formulated to be an identical match to an individual’s skin color. That product matches my pigmented skin, but leaves the skin looking dry while your Vitiligo Cover lotion looks moisturized and natural. It is easy to apply and after the color develops I find myself looking at my arms and thinking OMG, this really works!

It blends with my pigmented skin color beautifully. I am 100% satisfied .

Thank you so, so much.


From: Nondita R.
I have been using this Vitiligo Cover Lotion for 6 months. I have eczema on my body and white patches [vitiligo] on my face. The white patches disappear whenever I put the lotion on. Whoever has vitiligo should try this.

From: Eloise S.
Subject: Vitiligo Cover lotion

I bought your product a couple of months ago and it works wonderfully. I’ve had a small circle of vitiligo on my hip for a few years and I never knew what it was until I went to the doctors. This is when I began to stress and worry about it, which actually caused more small white circles around the area. This is when I decided to order vitiligo cover, and it has stopped all the worry I previously had. As I only have a small patch I have to be precise when applying the lotion (I use a cotton ear bud). This has changed my life for the better. I’m so thankful for this product, and I really appreciate everything you do!


From: Jilly
Subject: Hi Natalie!
…I am very hopeful, and very glad for Vitiligo Cover lotion! – for the first time today, in a LONG time, i went to the local mall without a jacket or cardigan on – my arms were free!! It was a good feeling!

Much love, and look forward to hearing back from you when you have a moment.

Jilly X
South Africa


Submitted on 2012/09/06 at 11:45 pm [link to original comment]
I am very pleased with the vitiligo cover. Although its not a permanent cure, it has definitely made me more confident and comfortable in the summer months. I find it better than your normal tan at the supermarket because it doesn’t look orange and looks more natural. Thanks, Jodes


Skype IM:
Just wanna say package arrived … It works like a charm! I’ve tried so many products over the last decade nothing was even close to this. Should’ve found your site few years ago instead of wasting bucks on so much garbage out there…..One more time Thank you, I’m going to order again…Peter.

Peter from Toronto, Canada


From: Hubbard
To: nathalie
Hello Nathalie. Right now I’m using your product and it has changed the color of my hands wonderfully. Because before I was so ashamed to even let anyone see my hands. Thank you and I’ll be ordering another bottle of your lotion soon!!!!


From: Netra
To: nathalie
I just wanted to let you know that I received my product in the mail yesterday and I’m on top of the world!!! It’s a miracle. My white spots on my hands have developed a brownish tint to them that are amazing compared to what they looked like before. I’m just excited at the difference. You sincerely have a devoted customer now. I will be ordering more from you in the future. Thank you

ps. I just now showed my hands to a co-worker and she even noticed a change!


From: marc
To: nathalie
Subject: Re: Shipment received…
Hi Nathalie – just to say that the lotion arrived within 10 days of shipping which was appreciated. I’ve spent the last week or so getting use to using it. The lotion is great, goes on easily and even smells nice(!). Thanks also for enclosing the little sponge which makes it really easy to spread on the back of my hands. As you mentioned, it lasts for the best part of a week which is just what I wanted…all in all, it’s much better than the previous product that I used so thank you.

I look forward to being a regular customer!

Thanks and kind regards,
Marc, U.A.E.


From: Fatima
To: Nathalie
Subject: Re: Vitiligo Cover
My son is 8 and had some UVB Narrowband sessions and they helped too but due to our lifestyle we could not go on with that treatment which, at the same time, made my little one feel that he was not healthy, for he hated going to that therapy.

Nathalie, I tried your lotion on his hand and he is very happy. He said that his melanocytes are waking up.

Kind regards
Fatima and Thomas…the happy boy!

(Fatima’s reply after i emailed for permission to reprint her kind words)

Hi again Nathalie
No worries at all….Thommy will be very happy to see that his feelings and words are been taken seriously by the lovely woman who sent him this beautiful lotion!!!!! I just asked him if he allows you to use his words and he said: “Of course….she is a nice person and I am happy!

I saw your video…it takes time to know how much to use…I will follow your tips!! THANKS!!!!
Enjoy life and once again thanks for everything

Kind regards


From: Sólveig
To: Nathalie
Subject: Re: vitiligo cover
Hi Natalie, just wanted to let you know that I did get the package yesterday and I tried it out last night and I´m really happy with the result. Love it, I did realize this morning that I did put a little too much on the hands but I will just be careful next time to just do a thin layer evenly. But it looks like I can go swimming this summer without worrying and enjoy these few sunny days we get over the summertime here in Iceland.

Thank you so much and I will reorder for sure.
Solveig, Iceland


Message on Vitiligo Friends on Facebook
ok,thank you very much. i love ur product and i’ll let you know for everything.
UraTaa, Greece


I have lived with vitiligo for 24-25 years. I just received Vitiligo Cover lotion and I absolutely love it! As an adult, my vitiligo doesn’t bother me as bad like it did when I was a child, but I still would like to be able to wear cute shoes, skirts and shorts without getting strange looks from people. God bless you woman!

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Dear Nathalie, thank you for your answer. I just received my bottle yesterday. I tested it and it’s great. It gives a nice dark color not orange like other products I tried before. I’m half Indian, half french so my color beside vitiligo is quiet dark so it was difficult to have a good tone! I can just regret that Vitiligo Cover doesn’t make bigger bottle. Best regards and thank you for your investment in our cause! Nathalie

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…for the past 3 years I have been getting a spray tan once a week and it is alot of money to spend a week plus it starts to fade a few days later and it doesn’t look very good once it starts to fade, but I just purchased Nathalie’s Vitiligo cover and it works great and lasts longer and in the long run it is way cheaper.”
April 2012


“I use Vitiligo Cover lotion in the summer too! Discovered it last year and I love it!”


“Hi Nathalie
I received your lotion last week, it covers my hands very well, I am learning to master the coverage so it is even and have to be careful on the knuckles.
I do believe the cause of vitiligo starts in the gut and too much acidity in the cells. It is a long learning curve trying to find the right balance. Thanks for your product, at least it gives a nice coverage to reduce the cosmetic problems associated with vitiligo.
Best wishes Deborah in Australia”
email March 26, 2012


“Love,love, love your lotion. Used it the first time last night. Now I’m not so afraid of going out in public in the sun. Thank you for giving me back summer.”


Hello! I have to say I have tried many products to cover my vitiligo and this one has topped all of them, even on how it goes on so nicely and seems to not streak!! Also there is not an annoying odor! It also has a beautiful color.
I do have to add it on several times during the week, especially on the big white spots, however I will say it does make the glaring spots less noticeable!!! Yeah!!
I was hoping you are working on a lotion with even a stronger than the 8% DHA in your current one.
Thank you for making such a great product!!!


For a year, I woke up every morning and the Vitiligo was the first thing I thought of—-what a waste! Life is way to short, I will never get those mornings back.
The best thing for me has been the Vitiligo Cover lotion. When I put it on, especially on any given morning and then apply my makeup, by the afternoon and evening, I have forgotten about my Vit, it transforms to my own skin colour. This means that I’m not stressing about it, which means (I hope) that it’s not getting worse.
I always tell me boys something that I now think about everyday and that is;
On average, we live about 33,000 days, lets make the most of each one. We can’t waste them feeling sorry for ourselves.
Thanks again Natalie!
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Author : Mary


I started using your lotion a week ago. Mainly on my hands where my vitiligo is extensive. Your lotion helps me in two ways. 1st, I do not have to apply it every other day like the tanning spray I have been using. 2nd, my 6 year old son has asthma and the tanning spray is borderline toxic for him to breath. No more tanning spray!
Thank you again.


Im really excited to hear about this 🙂 Also, just received your Vitiligo Cover Lotion for the first time and it works great! I am very pleased. Plan to reorder again. Thank you!!!!
New comment on your post #1787 “Vitiligo solution near with Avita’s “Recell”?”
Author : Dawn


… But there’s that vitiligo cover lotion i did try it recently and it works. its cover 80% and the white places don’t even show. Try it, it worth it. I bought it from US. Try it u will not regret, at least it can help you to gain more trust on yourself … and i wish good luck for all.
New comment on your post #75 “The Instant Vitiligo Cure: Your Shining Personality”
Author : HendaTo Mia


Really like the lotion, is there a discount for purchasing repeat orders?
I also wondered if you had any results from the LUSH lotion? Thanks for this great product.


I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU for starting the Vitiligo Corner website. I have been following it for the last few years, since I was diagnosed with Vitiligo, and your cover lotion has made a huge difference in my life. Thanks again, Carissa


Hi Nathalie,
Vitiligo cover lotion is really very good product.
Rastislav (from Slovakia)


“Go for it, Jeffrey, I love my [vitiligo cover] lotion!”


I have found comfort and great advice from your website since I was diagnosed with vitiligo in 2006 at age 31. I admire so much what you have done! –and love your lotion. Terri


I absolutely love this product, it has given me back my life. I can’t thank you enough for bringing it to us! Mary

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